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Annual Report 2023 is available on Website. President lauds the role of Banking Mohtasib for providing monetary relief of Rs 1.26 billion to banking customers in 2023 The President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has lauded the role of Banking Mohtasib Pakistan (BMP) for processing over 25,000 complaints and providing monetary relief amounting to Rs 1.26 billion to banking customers in 2023. Banking Mohtasib Calls On SBP GovernorThe Banking Mohtasib Pakistan, Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz called on the Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, Mr. Jameel Ahmad on 28th March, 2024. Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz presented the Annual Report of the Banking Mohtasib for the year 2023 to SBP Governor during the meeting, which was also attended by the Senior Advisor, BMP, Mr. Farhat Saeed. Banking Mohtasib Holds 5-Day Hearings at PeshawarThe Banking Mohtasib Pakistan, Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz, held hearings continuously for five days from 12th February – 16th February 2023 at BMP, Regional Office, Peshawar. Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz takes Oath as Banking Mohtasib PakistanThe President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi administered the Oath of Office of Banking Mohtasib Pakistan to Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz at a simple but impressive ceremony held at Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad (18th July 2023).

Ombudsman's (Mohtasib) Schemes – An Introduction

In the modern world, an ombudsman was first established in 1809 in Sweden. The word "ombudsman" is of Swedish origin and means "representative or agent" of the people.

In 1919, more than a century after Sweden appointed an ombudsman, another Scandinavian country, Finland, adopted the Swedish model for the redressal of public grievances against agencies of state. The next country to follow was Denmark - this happened more recently in 1955.

The first country outside Europe to establish such an office was New Zealand. This was in 1962 and generated tremendous global interest inspiring many countries, in search of good governance to launch such schemes. Today, over 100 countries have such a platform in place.

In 1995, the European Union established the first European Ombudsman under the Maastricht Treaty.


In Pakistan, at present, there are five Federal Ombudsmen, i.e., Wafaqi Mohtasib, Federal Tax Ombudsman, Federal Insurance Ombudsman, Federal Ombudsperson for Women and Banking Mohtasib.

Wafaqi Mohtasib

In Pakistan, a beginning was made with the appointment of Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman) at the Federal level in 1983.

The primary objective of the Wafaqi Mohtasib was to diagnose, investigate, redress and rectify injustices faced by the public from Federal Government Departments. The measure of success achieved by the institution of Wafaqi Mohtasib led to the creation of Provincial Ombudsmen in the provinces of Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
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Federal Tax Ombudsman

The growing nature of corporate sector grievances, largely relating to inequitable application of taxation laws, and the Government's desire to promote a just and equitable business environment in Pakistan, prompted the Government to establish an independent Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) during the year 2000.

The FTO has brought considerable relief to businesses during the last 11 years. Businessmen have now found a level of comfort, non-existent in the past, which allows them to confidently and fearlessly make investment decisions in the knowledge that an environment exists where they can expect equity, fair play and justice.

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Federal Insurance Ombudsman

In pursuance of the Insurance Ordinance 2000, the Office of Federal Insurance Ombudsman (FIO) was established on 2nd May, 2006. The institution is meant to provide analysis, investigation redressal and rectification of any injustice done to a person through maladministration by any of the insurer in the private sector. The key role of the FIO is to provide timely and cost-free redressal of the public grievances against alleged maladministration in an insurance company. The cases pertaining to life and general insurance business are looked after by FIO as per the requirements of the Insurance Ordinance 2000 and the Insurance Rules.

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